Birthday Party at Silk Willoughby Village Hall

The Birthday Girl at Silk Willoughby Village Hall
Decorated 80th Birthday Cake

Surprise Party Held at Village Hall

We love a party at Silk Willoughby Village Hall and never more so than when it’s our party!

Our committee member, Adi, organized a surprise birthday party for his Mum, Sue. As Sue was celebrating her 80th Birthday Adi wanted to be able to invite family and make the occasion really special.

So, under the guise of a quiet close-family meal in a local restaurant, Sue was brought along to our lovely Village Hall. With enough room for extended family but not as vast as some halls, it still felt like an intimate event. If they had gone along with the family meal at a local restaurant they’d have had other customers around them to consider whereas the Village Hall provided the perfect location for the family to gather and have the space exclusively for themselves.

The young children in the party were able to truly enjoy themselves and move around the room and fully engage with everyone. Everyone agreed it made the party even more special seeing the children having fun. In fact, Silk Willoughby Village Hall is also an ideal spot to host a children’s party as the hall has a capacity of 40 people

Fully equipped Village Hall

Adi and Tracey were able to decorate the hall and arrange the tables into one large table to seat 24 people all together. With so many tables and chairs it’s possible to hold coffee mornings, craft fairs, family parties, group and corporate events and more. Fill out the contact form HERE if you’d like to hire the hall for your event.

Family Party in decorated Silk Willoughby Village Hall
Decrated table for 80th birthday Party at Silk Willoughby Village Hall

You’ll find everything you need from crockery and glassware to cutlery, a fridge and other useful kitchen items so you can cater your party yourselves which a lot of people are finding is the way to go now considering the cost of living crisis. We don’t want to stop living but it makes sense to make the most of our money.

The Village Hall has WiFi, is fully heated and even has a music system. All-in-all everything you need to make your party go with a swing.

Located in Silk Willoughby, on the outskirts of Sleaford the location is ideal for guests from all over the surrounding area.

Great Hall Hire Rates

Let 2023 be your year for big celebrations and contact us for your village hall hire. Hire is £12 per hour and there are discounts available dependent upon your needs. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish Sue a very Happy 80th Birthday and many congratulations on such a milestone.

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